Company profile

Marinco Survey has been operating for over fifty years as a global consulting firm providing services for the marine and offshore industry. Since Marinco Survey was founded by Mr Aristo Vallianatos in 1968, we have provided independent technical and operational advice to our customers in the ever-changing and increasingly dynamic shipping market. Our focus has always been on improving the performance of our customers’ resources and assets. By combining forces with Expertisebureau Verschoor & Bras bv in 2013, we are now able to offer an even wider array of services to our customers.

By providing various types of surveying services as well as project management, we assist and advise you, our customer, on various issues and obstacles you may encounter. Based on our wide experience, we have built up an extensive database with project information and have standardized documents to enable efficient planning and reporting. Our reports are characterized by up-to-date and in-depth information, organized to form a trustworthy and solid foundation for decision-making in current and future projects.

We are proud of the fact that we are flexible and can offer short response times. In most cases, preliminary reporting in writing to our customers takes place within 24 hours of visiting a project. Our services aim at creating value for our customers’ organization during the implementation of all of our projects.

The vision of Marinco Survey is to set a new standard of professionalism, and to boost commitment to service performance and customer care in marine consulting. In order to realize our vision, we have developed a no-nonsense, straightforward, hands-on working approach in which we strive to maintain and reinforce our good reputation with our customers, operators and contractors. Customer feedback helps improve the quality of our services even further. In other words: Marinco Survey is your ideal partner for independent surveys and maritime project management.